A unique and powerful approach to objective shade communication

We all have experienced those embarrassing moments in our professional lives when our shade matching skills fall well short of expectations. Re-do’s are time consuming, expensive and a frequent source of friction between the dental lab and the dental office - We have all been there. The eLAB system puts an end to all of this!

Do you have the courage to master the single central shade match?

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Reliable and objective shade management with eLAB


Improve customer relations

Customer relationships are above all build on trust - the unwavering trust that their partner in the lab can handle any challenge with confidence and reliability. The all new eLAB_prime software uses artificial intelligence and advanced image processing algorithms to transform a digital camera into an easy-to-use shade matching system.


Increase your confidence

Modern dental technology presents a fusion of traditional skills and cutting edge digital technology. To become a leader in your field, or to simply become a better “you” than you were previously, it is important to master both skill sets equally well. The eLAB system helps with this endeavour. You can track your progress over time to improve your manual skills and to become better at your game.


Join the movement for change

Since its introduction in 2016 the eLAB system has gained massive popularity among those individuals who simply want to provide a better service to their clients and patients. It so happened that eLAB has grown to become a community project, connecting people from around the world, changing lives, improving skills and boosting confidence. Join the the largest community for shade matching in dentistry and become a part of the movement!

How it works.

The eLAB system transforms your digital camera into an easy to use shade matching system, resulting not only in better clinical results but also in improved customer relations. With the eLAB system you can cover the entire natural tooth color spaces with only four dentin shades and three dedicated stains: red, yellow and grey. 

Need more info? Check out the eLAB_prime video on YouTube  

Heart and soul of eLAB

Meet the world’s largest community for shade matching in the world!

Our two eLAB Symposiums held in 2018 in Manchester and in 2019 in Marseille have attracted more than 500 participants combined from around the world. We place great emphasis on promoting diversity and close collaboration between clinicians and dental technicians.

eLAB community members
  Join the largest community for shade matching in dentistry!

eLAB Features

  • Simple patient management system with archive function
  • “No-Click” automatic image calibration
  • Compatible with macOS Mojave or newer and Windows 10 (64 Bit)
  • Automatic tooth detection and shade measurement based on AI-Technology
  • Choice of substrate colors (ND 1 - 8)
  • Measurement of actual preparation color
  • Crown & Veneer modes
  • Adjustable veneering thicknesses
  • Automated digital try-in
  • Automatic analysis module for color difference evaluation for clinical relevance
  • Coverage of the entire natural tooth color space with only four dentins
  • Supports mixing recipes of the popular ceramic systems
  • Only four shades of frame work materials are needed
  • Chose a mixing recipe for the most popular ingot shades
  • Support for third party frame work materials

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